At Approx Innovation, we use a straightforward and effectual process in our web development effort. We place a priority on listening to your requirements and developing solutions to aptly meet your business needs. The end result is a quality based solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

We develop a close relationship with our clients and continuously update them about the development of their projects. We regularly provide them with feedback so that we can incorporate their comments as part of the project development cycle. Our projects are flexible so that they can be modified inline with needs as your business grows in the future.

This Is How We Work For Our Client



Design &






Everything begins with the initial plan. We start by having meetings with our clients to get a sense of goals & objectives. By getting a profound comprehension of your business sectors, client inspirations, & analyzing your competitor's planning, we distinguish a winning methodology.

Define Requirements

The goal of this phase is to freeze the requirements and document it in the form of scope of work so that both the client and the development team will be in the same page before the development process begins. After getting analyzed by the Approx Innovation team, we provide you with the complete list of deliverable, timeline & process flow or sitemap.

Design & Prototyping

After the requirement have been confirmed, we will build one or more interactive prototype or mockup for your business website or mobile app.We will give you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with our design effort.


In this stage, we convert the designs into a fully-functional website or mobile app, using all design features, you have agreed.


This step is very crucial for the client and us. Without feedback and approval, the testing part is incomplete and we can’t be forward with implementation. Once the project has been developed, we review to ensure no errors are there or tasks been missed by us. After testing is done from our end. The project is moved to UAT stage where clients do the testing and we guide them in every possible way. After the client confirms that all the points related to the requirement specification doc has been fulfilled then only project is launched.


Our technology team will test each component and module of the project to ensure that it works properly. Once the testing and rectifying errors process is done, the project is finally made live & delivered to the client. In deployment, we include elements like hosting & making the project live to the end user.


Our team also take care of post live issues like site updating and providing change management solutions should technologies change in the future and you would like newer technologies to be implemented in your existing projects.

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